Representation at Mediation

Mediation is a confidential alternative dispute resolution process to resolving a legal dispute. Mediations are confidential negotiations conducted by an impartial mediator who will attempt to bring the parties together to an amicable resolution of the case. Mediations are non-binding until an agreement is reached and it is an excellent choice in resolving business disputes. Our firm represents clients at mediation conferences scheduled before or during the litigation process

We represent clients in cases involving partnership disputes, collections, mediation, enforcement of promissory note, employment agreements, fraud and breach of contract cases, breach of fiduciary duty, dissolution of corporation, appointment of receivers, breach of franchise agreement,  and breach of covenant not to compete among others. We understand that legal disputes can be draining emotionally and financially.

Our goal is to provide cost-effective representation to resolve the dispute as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can go on running your business. If you get served with a lawsuit contact an attorney and find out your legal options as soon as possible.

Our firm handles disputes over $15,000 (Circuit Court) in Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, Collier, Orange, and Hillsborough Counties and the US District Court in the Southern District and Middle District of Florida (Ft. Myers). 

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